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  1. On 10/26/2021 at 5:58 PM, nw777b said:

    IDK. He's from Orem. A cousin of the Sewells? Tweet says he's a momma's boy. Sounds like they just left from a visit. Could be homesickness.  It happens. He's from a very, VERY strong family culture. If he does go to BYU, those are the most logical reasons. 

    I've read speculation that he's homesick. What can I say? At that age, I lived at home and commuted to college. Sometimes it just takes a while before someone is ready to take bigger steps and spread his/her wings.

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  2. On 10/24/2021 at 9:00 PM, latracey said:



    That said, I agree with Mr. FishDuck. It appears that booing is the only way fans are able to express their frustration and displeasure with the program to coaches who actively tune out the other avenues fans have to express their opinions.  



    Actually, people could sit down after the  game and write a letter to the coaches with specifics as to where they are aiming their displeasure. Booing leaves a lot open for interpretation, including that some might feel it was the players being booed.

  3. On 10/24/2021 at 1:16 PM, toketeeman said:

    I strongly suspect most of the booing last week was for the COACHES, not the players. And, during the UCLA game, Dye himself was heard screaming by the media at the coaches at one point, "RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!" when a third-and-inches situation popped up.

    But Dye wasn't booing. He was being specific. 🙂 And he wasn't part of an anonymous crowd in the stands.

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  4. On 10/24/2021 at 10:27 AM, ICamel said:

    I don't know how much season tickets cost(I'm sure it's a pretty penny), but I think that investing that amount of money in a product allows the consumer to voice their approval/disapproval.

    I guess I just feel there are better ways to express disapproval than booing. Maybe write a letter to the coaches specifically about what that disapproval is for. Just a thought.


    Yes, it takes more time and effort than booing, but it better defines the complaint. Yes, specifics are often detailed on places such as this forum, but the coaches aren't hopping from forum to forum reading the posts and therefore don't see the specifics, as they would in a letter addressed directly to them.



  5. BTW, I think "scold fans" in the topic title is a bit misleading--MC was asking (pleading with) fans not to boo. And as I said earlier, I think he doesn't like that the booing comes across as booing the players. I don't think he's saying he's exempt from judgment. I knew a guy (former H.S. football coach) who used to write 3-4 page letters to Duck head coaches. I remember when fans who sat in the section behind the team used to try to send down suggested plays to the coaches during the game! Coaches are used to being scolded. But I think the vast majority object to players being booed.

  6. On 10/24/2021 at 9:46 AM, Haywarduck said:

    My take, he said, 'what do we want to be know for?' booing players or supporting our team?


    Oregon has the best fans, intelligent, but are they able to be empathetic and patient? 


    I know as a parent of a high level athlete, it is important to understand the process each athlete and coach is going through with grace and understanding. I don't like the booing, or the look on our program. My take, for what it is worth.


    I will also say I didn't support the decision to start Anthony Brown at the start of the season. I thought he was just a 'place holder' as the real competition happened below him, and have stated that many times. I still don't like the idea a transfer is leading our program, and not that well. I work every game to find enjoyment in his struggles and process in becoming our qb.


    In the end, I accept him as a Duck, and support him all the way. I do the same with the coaches, but feel the observations and criticisms are more valid. Boo the coaches decisions, but not the players, ever. 


    I don't like the look on our program, but I suppose we live in a different time, and this outlook isn't ever going to take over. I will say I can accept our players, coaches as they are, much easier than the fans who boo.


    On 10/24/2021 at 9:46 AM, Haywarduck said:



    Since the booing at the Cal I have heard references to it on all sorts of national tv and radio sports shows. I don't think it's a good "look" for the fans or the program. The booers may feel that they are booing play calls and/or the coaches, but it sure comes across as booing the players, and I think that's what upsets MC. I'm sure he wonders how possible recruits might feel about it. I boo only the refs, something even Miss Manners says is okay as an acceptable part of attending a sporting event.

    I'm against booing in general. I don't even boo the opposing teams when they enter the stadium. Tepid applause, yes. Booing. No.

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  7. On 10/18/2021 at 4:36 PM, deschutesduck said:


    I don't remember seeing it but i remember hearing that it was either mario or some players he pulled off the field against Cal preventing more penalties.  Strength and conditioning coordinator by day, bouncer by night.

    I think in the game against Ohio State Feld also corralled some players on the sideline who had gone down to either celebrate with the Duck fans (or maybe taunt OSU fans, not sure).

  8. On 10/18/2021 at 9:46 AM, Haywarduck said:

    Here is a quote from a blog I included at the bottom, ' I'm a Cornhusker fan. We don't cheat, we have a great academic record and our kids are generally good folks. These are things to be proud of and the fans should represent Nebraska with that same class.' And I ask, what kind of fans do we want to be and what kind of program? The blog is from the start of Nebraska's over two decades of trying to find the next great coach.


    The husker nation is thought of as the best, if not one of the best fan bases in all of fandom. They frown on booing, but like most are impatient fans who have grabbed at many different iterations of coaching styles. From Bo Pelini, to awe shucks, and nothing has pleased them.


    We were fortunate we had a coach with integrity we stood by over 40 years ago. He had recruiting violations and we stayed the course. Over the years he hired guys who built systems and processes which were the foundation of the Oregon Football Program for decades after he left. That was destroyed and we are starting again.


    I ask who do we want to hire coaches, and build systems and processes going forward? I will also say those systems and processes take time to implement and evolve, like our pistol plunge, thankfully seeing the grave. Do we really want to start over, like so many programs looking for the next Nic Saban?


    Division 1 football is littered with programs like Nebraska is now. Texas is now just like Tennessee, which is just like Florida State who is like USC. We can be different if we gracefully stand behind a coach with integrity and a vision. 


    We can be 'the most intelligent fans,' but we can also be the most loyal, classy and understand we need to be part of the long game.  The long game is supporting a coach with integrity, while pointing out weaknesses. That support involves understanding the growth process and it's many stops and starts. Tell me who has had great success among us, without many failures and stumbles? I know for me, my greatest success has come with great struggle, but also with few important supporters.


    Bottomline I don't want to become an ugly fanbase. I also don't want to become another football program always on the lookout for the next great coach with a quick fix. There are over a 100 of those programs out there with those two traits, and only a few who seem to be stand behind their coaches. I don't want to become just another program, where it seems many have us headed.





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  9. Booing in Autzen Stadium is nothing new. And the thing is, it doesn't take many people booing for the sound to stand out. When I've been to games where there was booing, I would look around and not be able to see who was booing. It could be 1% of the fans. And there's no way for other fans to show their disapproval of the booing (I'm sure at least some people disapprove). I mean, what do you do--boo the boo-ers? It would just come across as more booing.

    I would never boo the coaches or the players. The refs, on the other hand....


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