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  1. Be sure to listen to Pate's breakdown of the Utah game at 43:30. You'll like what you hear.
  2. It appears he is gone. Remember he is young and finding his way in the world.
  3. Galloway said that? At this point of the season a 2nd loss should bump you out of the top four.
  4. The extra year of eligibility for players due to Covid has to cause headaches for coaches. Lots of players piled up creating a log jams at positions such as WR for the Ducks. Add in the relaxed transfer rules and you have this. Have to admit that in my view there was a nice rhythm to four years of eligibility to use in five years of school.
  5. No bad feeling for me. Baylor's coach knew his conference's tie breaker rule and knew the extra three points could be important. As for the crowd on the field, I don't think I've ever seen delay of game called when the crowd prematurely rushes the field. It happens, there a bunch of excited college kids.
  6. Sure it could blow up. But my belief is that the Ducks would not be in the current four and would not have a chance for the final four but for the AB's play. I say go for it.
  7. No. Easy to call penalties on the other team. It's really about the Ducks, not the refs.
  8. Alternate history and universe! Has the makings of a great show. Where would Phil and Penny fit in?
  9. No one gives us respect? "No one" has us number 3. How does that work?
  10. I don't see this game as a trap. The coaches and players know the history between the Ducks and Cougars and they all saw what the Cougars did to ASU. Throw in the facts that this is for the lead in the North and a spot in the final four is at stake the team will be ready. Of course, they are a bunch of 18 to 23 year olds.....
  11. He is actually getting $281,000 per year. Which is really good but not close to 750. From the PERS data base: ALIOTTI, NICK J $23,432 2014-03-01 Tier One 317 Full Formula $539,957 $281,185 52%
  12. Bobby Williams is Special Team Coordinator and coaches the tight ends. And yes, some of the special teams have not always been special this year. Off the top of my head the punting and place kicking have been good to very good. Kick off coverage has not been good and we have been average at kick off and punt returns. I agree that it would be nice to see the QB under center in certain circumstances----mainly short yardage situations and when Ducks are backed up against the end zone. Many teams don't go under center. And I'm not sure the Ducks have ever done so once Bellotti brought in Kelly.
  13. Oregon paid Helfrich $8 million in a lump sum settlement. I presume, but can’t verify, that the payment was funded by donors. As stated above, Oregon didn’t pay Bellotti to go away. He was a Duck out of water as AD and retired with a humongous PERS annuity. Bellotti may be the best football head coach ever at Oregon.
  14. I'll give you one name: Chris Miller. Old timers will know.....
  15. Easy answer. Playoffs over any bowl game every single time. Bowls are consolation prizes for top program. Oregon is a top program.
  16. I'll respectfully disagree. I don't think booing had any causal effect on any changes made by Cristobal and his staff. I think film study, practice and discussion is what caused any changes.
  17. The camera angles did not line up with the posts------the video doesn't give a definitive view. The officials were lined up with the posts, they had the best view. There have been many times when I've been in the stands and thought a FG was good when it was bad or thought it was bad when it was called good.
  18. To answer the question in the article of when Cristobal was last seen with a laminated play-sheet, last Saturday in the Rose Bowl: I don't think it means anything at all about playing calling. It's simply the head coach with a laminated play-sheet, nothing more.
  19. Now that's what I call conditional love....:)
  20. Bummer. My first thought was that he felt left out when he wasn't in the mix and match rotation on Saturday.
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