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  1. Maybe he thought he was in Eugene long enough and wanted a change of scenery.
  2. New tv deal for nba teams in 2 years. Value of teams will go way up. My guess is she sells after that
  3. I’m just hoping that the pac-12 schedule has them on the road back to back night games in November in some nice cold climates. They should get no preferential treatment
  4. His sister was an unbelievable volleyball plater at Arizona
  5. Word on the street was that he was in Eugene last weekend.
  6. On a positive note they do have the #2 recruiting class in the country coming in.
  7. The transfer players would have to sit out a year unless they got a waiver. Not sure they would want wait to play that long
  8. Maybe they miss Stubblefield more than they thought
  9. Back in mid 80’s my brother was a student. I would visit him and he would take me to the games and I would sit in the student section when I was an 14 or so. Also I went to a frat party when I was 17. How could I not be a duck fan?
  10. They will need to get going because once they have to pay Justin things will get tight. Rookie contracts are a huge blessing when you have a great QB. (See Russell Wilson)
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