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Charles Fischer

Update: Current Verizon and Comcast/Xfinity Repairs and Costs for B1G Viewing

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My Duck-Buddies,


I just spent three days house-bound with NO internet, and NO TV...with my ex-wifeWhat could possibly go wrong?


Roads are clear for travel to the office so I can be on the web again, but thought I would give you all an update.


Repair Status:

1. The Bastards at Verizon: We get tons of text messages and solicitation emails from them, but when it is crunch time?  Crickets.  All they had to do is include a recording explaining that internet coverage on the phone is poor because of power outages, and cell towers need power too.  But we get nothing, and I learned only by showing up and rattling some cages. It will not change until the power is restored everywhere....and that will be a while.


2. The Bastards at Comcast/Xfinity: All they had to do was explain things in a recording when you call in as well, but corporate will not allow it.  The scoop? For those out of internet and TV in the Eugene Santa Clara area and others....NOTHING has been doneThey cannot do any work until the power is restored by the utility companies first.  So no, this is not going to be a day from now...probably a WEEK.


A terrible way for both to treat their customers.  Un-fricken-believable. 


Where are the Regulatory Agencies Helping and Protecting the Consumer?


Comcast/Xfinity Costs for B1G Football in Eugene-Springfield:

Want the full package of stations needed to watch B1G football this fall?  First, let's review the stations needed to be on the safe side....





Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 2  (Not official as of yet, but it would not be a surprise if games that run late push the scheduled games to this channel until the first game is finished.  With 18 B1G teams--it might be needed on occasion)

Big-10 Network

NBC Peacock Streaming 


If you go with Xfinity, you will have to buy the full package of 240 stations via their Ultimate Package in order to get the stations above.  But wait!  If you want the B1G Network, you have to pay $10.00 more per month for the "More Sports and Entertainment" package.


But wait!  There's more!  If you want the NBC Peacock streaming service to watch games that you know will end up at....it is another $10.00 per month.


For internet services and cable television with the stations above for watching B1G games, the estimated ball-park cost will be $240 to $250 per month locally.  Lovely.


As you sort out all this--you know you're being hosed, and it is like trying to understand the rules of Fizzbin.



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Mr. FishDuck

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Just checked with a friend. Youtube TV has B1Gtv and their service is $75/month. You get just about all the channels. Of course we need internet signal. 

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I have Fubo and I think they carry all the networks incl the B1G but Peacock will be extra $$.  Price $96.00 plus Comcrap internet $100.89, basically $200 bucks.

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I have to recheck... but I think you can get most of the channels (minus peacock) on one of Sling's packages.


Pac-12 required both and then some.

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I posted this on another thread.  It does a good comparison of plans:


Explore the top channels on popular live TV streaming platforms with this practical guide.


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When games are on Peacock, I'll probably revert to the olden days and listen to the radio, unless/until my daughter and SIL move to Eugene and I watch with them.

Or I suppose I could go to a pub/restaurant and order 87 diet colas to keep a seat throughout the game.

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On 1/18/2024 at 5:02 PM, 1Funduck said:

Youtube TV

It's actually $73 a month, but what's the difference? Plus I think you get the first three months for half off. I switched from Xfinity to YTTV in October when I got Hunter Fiber installed in my house. 


I can get YTTV on 5 devices at once, and that includes my phone for when I'm not at home. Also, about that phone- it's 2024, so I only pay about $30 a month for unlimited data. I use Mint Mobile- I own my own iPhone, so I can cancel whenever I want.


I'm not sure if Mint uses Verizon or T-Mobile, but I tend to switch back and forth from time to time for all the cheap companies. I don't understand why anyone would pay more than $45 a month for a cell plan these days unless you use your phone for work with tethering or something. It's all Verizon or T-Mobile.


I'm a UVA grad student so I watch Cavs basketball on the ACC Network. There's also the Big 10 network, and I think the SEC Network? YouTube TV also has unlimited DVR, and you can tell it to simply record all Oregon football and basketball games going forward.


The main problem is Peacock. What a crappy streaming service. It's the one app nobody has. It should just merge with Hulu or something. 

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I use Sling TV.  In my case, I subscribe to both the "Orange" & "Blue" packages ("Orange" is more sports and family oriented while "Blue" is more news and entertainment oriented).  I get both so that I can stream to multiple devices and because I have multiple family members with different tastes.  The combined packages is $55+tax.  You could subscribe to just one or the other for a reduced rate of $40 if that meets your needs.


I also subscribe to the "Sports Extras" add on, which adds $15 to the Sling bill.  That gives me access to the B10/Pac12/SEC/ACC networks along with various pro sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.).  The price drops to $11 and reduces the number of channels if you're only subscribed to "Orange" or "Blue" but you still get the B10 networks which is most important.


Any of those Sling combos will get you all the necessary channels with exception of Peacock streaming.  I didn't see Peacock anywhere so you'd have to subscribe to that as a separate service ($6/mo for the cheapest plan).  My smart tv supports the Peacock streaming app so that wouldn't be an issue for me if I wanted to sign up.


For my internet I use T-Mobile Home Wifi.  My download speeds are anywhere from 150mb-500mb depending on how busy the network is though I typically see around 200-250 on average.  More than enough for my household.

So in summary:


SlingTV bill - $70

Tmobile Home Wifi - $50


Total monthly bill - $120+tax (+$6 if I get Peacock)

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Peacock should do what Paramount is doing. Paramount airs football games that CBS owns rights to. But Peacock thinks they're a unicorn, just like their precious Notre Dame under the NBC banner.

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I use Comcast for wi-fi but stayed with Dish for TV reception. This worked out to be less expensive than going all in with Comcast and Comcast has a nasty habit of disagreeing with ESPN from time to time and dropping ESPN on football Saturdays. 


Great take. If you weren't already divorced who would have been after that experience?  😒

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