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  1. My work is based in the Seattle area, but I work out of a satellite office down in the Portland area. I was born and raised in Oregon, and as a Duck, so naturally my Washington colleagues know my allegiance as well. 


    From what I've gathered, most of them keep the rivalry very civilized, showing good sportsmanship, but also not afraid to give, or take a jab or two. Those are Dawg fans that I respect, and even like. 


    ... but Lord knows there's a lot of butt sniffers up there that I don't. 


    It's great to hear about two rival fans being perfectly civilized, and mature about sports. I'm happy that the other fella made a comment about the younger fan, as I would probably do the same if roles had been reversed. 


    Sports are to be enjoyed. It's meant to substitute war, not actually create it. And now I have just a slight bit more respect for the other side. 



    However, I still hope they are all crying in their cornflakes come tomorrow morning. 😁🦆



    Great post! 

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