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  1. Still that has to help the "Thunder and Lightning" case. Come on Mr Young. Come join the flock.
  2. I understand that part of it. But what's the B1G thinking. I believe they thought UCLALA had vetted everything. Seems they forgot the gov who's the head of the CA reagents board and he's not to happy right now with concerns for the rest of the college's in the state. Just seems Stanford as a private school would have been better to match with uncivilized spoiled children, like chrisjenn99 posted.
  3. I don't understand why we haven't received the bump in commitments since signing D Moore, like other schools got from top QBs commitments?
  4. I agree. But why didn't the B1G do that? That's a head scratcher to me. It would have opened up the recruiting footprint to all of Cal. It isn't like UCLA has a better fan base in FB or a better record. It has to be the other sports like BB and the like. I guess I would prefer Stanford to go than UCLALA Land as it would keep our footprint in SoCal and the Bay area. Let's hope the powers that be put a upper cut to UCLA leaving. That would be the best for the Ducks and the PAC.
  5. We also have a crystal ball for DL Greene, a 3/4* out of TX. Now we need OL. Come on Coach Klemm. Do your stuff.
  6. Agreed I meant to make clear a person could just listen to the radio broadcast instead of watching the Ducks play a SEC/B1G team on TV like we used to do in the old days. Haha, for me of course that won't include this year's game with Georgia.
  7. I agree. The fans in the rest of the country should boycott all of the B1G and SEC games. It looks like that's the only chance to save CFB as we know and love it. I know I won't watch any unless the Ducks are playing, but I could even not do that by listening to J Allen and Jorge on the radio.
  8. Just saw a post about Okunalola.. He's got a crystal ball to the U. Looks like MC wins again. This would be his 2nd 5* OL in this class. He got a commit from Magahelei not to long ago.
  9. His players all cared for him. The only thing we always forget is we are all human beings and being human is hard. The world is a tough place. I've defended MC on this forum many times. He is a good person and did a lot of positive things for the Ducks. This is just another example of the best of the man.
  10. Just as I believe you should expect it to look. Something interesting, the Ducks staff has had a lot less time to go after this class and are a close 2nd to the uncivilized spoiled children. That's impressive.
  11. Now our team has something else to play for. To honor his memory and not let this tragedy derail the coming season. My thoughts go out to his family, friends, teammates and coaches, and fans of Oregon FB. We all know life is fragile and it will be hard to go on, but go on we must. It's what he would want us to do. Honor him.
  12. I don't care how you get the best player for the position. Get him and we will figure it out later.
  13. We all knew it was coming. The writing had been on the wall. I believe we all thought the Ducks would be included, that's all. Hopefully they still will be and the money difference will be more of a problem for the non revenue sports than football, which has to take preference. I know it sucks, but sometimes life sucks. You roll with the punches and come out the other side. Go Ducks Fly High
  14. Keep'em coming. They won't buy the car if they don't kick the tires.
  15. According to this we are tied for the ninth best of this definitive measure. Not bad and by the looks of it with DL and crew we are not leaving soon. Go Ducks Fly High
  16. Hell yeah. I know it's early and just 1 poll but ahead of Miami and Bama. Like it, like it, like it.
  17. People aren't going to know what hit them with this offense. They are ready to explode and will do so in spectacular fashion. I might be wearing my green and yellow sun glasses, but my gut tells me we are going to shock the PAC and the country.
  18. Very astute article although I disagree the travel won't be a problem for the FB teams. Oh and make no mistake the time difference will be a big issue for the Cali Boys or it will be less of a problem for the Midwesterners
  19. I guess it's just like gambling you shouldn't do it unless you have enough money to lose it. Seems to be a lot of cons going on although this one seems honest. Just using a technique that is questionable if u are correct with your assessment.
  20. I believe the most important factor in the SEC picking up OU and UTx along with B1G pick up's, is getting into the lucrative recruiting footprint as much as any revenue they bring.
  21. We will soon see and be exposed to the Lanning Way. Hold on to your hats, this isn't going to be the usual first time HC. He is going to be one of the best coaches in CFB sooner than people think. Can't wait!
  22. Yes I believe we got the better of all of them. Now we have to keep him. You know all the other programs are still trying to take him away.
  23. I just read there's a lawsuit in CA making it way on the scene about UCLALA being in the Public School system also one in OR asking our governor to tie OSU to any move the Ducks might make.
  24. That's what T Dungey top NFL HC did. He didn't have a huge playbook. He kept it small so he could drill his players until they knew it inside/out and could execute it in their sleep. Chip did the same with the Ducks. That's another reason CK offense worked so well. It wasn't just speed. It was execution.
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