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  1. If we think these coaches are such fantastic recruiters, I think we have to trust them on who they are trying to recruit. Some guys may be lower-level guys who coaches think are raw but with a ton of potential, locker room leaders, HS teammates or relatives of someone they really want, glue guys, or perfect scheme fits. Would we rather have had Mariota and Herbert, or most of the guys who were higher-ranked QBs when we got them?
  2. Great to have your content on the site, LaMarr - thanks for the article!
  3. Honestly, I don't put a lot of importance on in-state recruiting. Why is some kid from Oregon more important or desirable than an equally talented kid from Missouri or New Hampshire or Arkansas? Sure, there's more opportunity for the brand to make an impression on an in-state kid, and some want to stay close to home so the family can see them play or they can easily hang out with friends on weekends or whatever. But I'm sure some want to experience different weather, be away from family or maybe negative influences in their lives, try something different, etc. And as David Marsh pointed out, he's built a long-term relationship with other coaches, whereas Lanning is a newcomer to him. I want the best players for the program, and next year if we get 10 five-stars that are good fits and they all come from Vermont, that's just fine with me.
  4. I've wondered the same thing a couple of times. The great part about that is if you (or I, or anyone else) go over the line a bit, all we get is a hidden post and a note from Charles explaining what went wrong. It's only the constant, repeat offenders or those who decide to go nuclear and strafe a moderator or Charles who end up without milk and cookies at break time (or permanently). And we don't need those folks in the sandbox anyway.
  5. When it comes to Oregon football, I feel much the same way. I did not attend UO, so I do not have the hatred some people on this board have for UW, OSU, or even USC (my dad was a Trojan alumnus). In all honesty, sometimes the vitriol directed at those programs bothers me a bit, as I don't share it. But then as a life-long Steelers fan I think about how much I've despised the Raiders, Bengals, and Ravens at various times; as a Pepperdine grad, I think about our long-standing rivalry with Loyola Marymount and how much I couldn't stand some of their basketball players and fans. So while with the Ducks I don't share it, I get it!
  6. I see where you're coming from - if your football program has never had a 1,000 rusher, maybe you celebrate the guy who got 750 yards. Still, I tend to think of a Hall of Fame as being for those with truly outstanding accomplishments - the superstars, not the stars. At the same time, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Arizona Cardinals both have a ring of honor, so I'm guessing I'm in the minority among sports fans.
  7. And I'll admit that in my own personal opinion, a few of the rules here lean a bit toward the restrictive. HOWEVER, with probably every site I'm on, every church I've attended, every company I've done business with, every boss I've worked for, and every candidate I've voted for, there's something I can disagree with or where I think they're too restrictive or too permissive. This is a private forum. The owner of the forum invests substantial time, energy, and money in keeping it up and running. He sets the rules. And if I want to participate, I follow those rules. I'm immensely grateful for all of the effort and resources that go into it, from Charles, from moderators, and from those posting articles. Really, that's not hard to understand - at least for those of us who continue to use this forum. If I have a few piddling things I don't necessarily agree with, I still find it immeasurably superior to what the O-Live forum used to be, where pretty much anything went and trolls ruled the pages. So I have no pity for those who cannot or will not follow the rules. They were given multiple chances. And I don't feel bad for those who choose to leave the forum because it's "too restrictive." There are lots of other places to post and read, and finding the right fit for what you want to do is important. Just like I don't object if a business requires masks to enter, allows smoking (where legal), requires formal attire, or makes any other decision - if I like their requirements overall, it's a pleasure being there. If I don't like their requirements, I can take my business someplace else. All in all, I like the requirements here, will do my best to support them, and will not gripe about any of the rules I might not have if it were my site. If I want things 100% my way, I can always start my own forum. Glad you're back, chrisjenn99. And like you, I'm grateful I don't have to put up with ignorant trolls, because like you, I've not always reacted well on other sites.
  8. Some really enlightening information on recruiting and early scholarship offers: Early Recruiting | Understanding Early Scholarship Offers WWW.NCSASPORTS.ORG Early recruiting is on the rise, with middle schoolers getting scholarship offers. For recruits at any age, it's important to know...
  9. Ernie Kent? I thought it was the Oregon Hall of Fame, not the Oregon Hall of Pretty Good.
  10. Yeah, but they've already phased that out in large parts of the country (the more popular parts), and under EU pressure the countries that have the Golden Visa are going to phase it out completely.
  11. Well, as someone who lives in Portugal, I can tell you it's not the cheapest place in the world to live, but it's generally cheaper than the US, and I'm sure it's a whole lot nicer than Eritrea or Syria or South Crapistan or wherever actually is the cheapest place. In general, life here is about 57 cents on the dollar compared to the US. And if you stay out of the two big cities (Lisboa and Porto), it's cheaper than that. I get a latte for about a buck, pay the housekeeper about six buck an hour, and just paid about $100 to put two new front tires on the car at the dealership. So yeah, it has its advantages (including living income-tax-free for ten years). Plus I can catch spam on OBD Forum in the middle of the night for you all, so you don't have to see it.
  12. I think this year's team may be harder to project that almost any other I remember. New staff, new systems for every position group, new backfield, etc. The wildcard will be QB play. If one of the QBs emerges as a clear starter and plays at a high level, I could see a one-loss season. If Nix is our starter, I'm concerned that some killer picks could undermine otherwise good games for the team. If it's Thompson or Butterfield, inexperience could kill us against a team like Utah or BYU. If we're switching out QBs like we did a couple of years ago, or have an entrenched starter who's merely OK, I could see a three or four loss season.
  13. Just the headline quoting "NCAA Enforcement" makes me laugh. Are you sure this wasn't published by The Onion?
  14. If it helps, Charles, I've never thought of you as Stalin. Idi Amin or Pol Pot, sure, but Stalin? Nah.
  15. I always have mixed emotions when we lose a transfer, a coach, a recruit, etc. and there are a lot of comments along the lines of "He wasn't that great anyway" or "We're better off without him." On one hand, in any given situation, those comments may be entirely true. I know nothing about this guy, so observations here that he is or could be a flake, locker room cancer, me-first, etc. might be 100% on point. On the other hand, I know fans tend to do a lot of revisionist history. We salivate over possibly getting a particular player or coach, rejoice like heck when we get that person, and then when something happens and that person doesn't come on board (or we never get him in the first place), out come the comments about how we're better off without him anyway and we never really wanted him. It's similar to controversial players: a guy like Draymond Green or Vontaze Burfict plays for our team and we vociferously defend all his actions - then he signs elsewhere and suddenly he's a dirty player and should be suspended for everything. The question I have is if the Ducks are better off without Johnson, why did Altman try so hard to get him to sign in the first place?
  16. How that one didn't make it into our recent discussion on the world's most beautiful cars, I don't know. There's a Bentley dealer here in town (not bad for a place with 170,000 people) - maybe I'll drive the little C1 over there and see what they'll give me for a trade-in.
  17. I always wanted a Bentley Continental GT. In the States, I enjoyed driving a Benz and then a Lexus, and was hoping someday to work my way up. Man, I can't imagine driving any of those where I live now, with lots of two-way traffic on what should be one-way streets. Some of the streets here were actually built originally by the Romans, and they didn't have to worry much about vehicle width in those days. Now instead of aiming at a Bentley, I drive an old Citroen C1, powered by an asthmatic squirrel with a limp. It has all the power of Emmitt Smith in his last desperate run with the Cardinals, but it's tiny and fits everywhere. I see people trying to navigate Bentleys and big Range Rovers here and I just laugh at them. The ironic thing is that this is actually what NIL was supposed to be - Stroud making promotional appearances at the dealership and getting something in return. Not recruits basically being given bags of cash to sign their NLI.
  18. An Oregon State grad must have done the math on USC's recruits. Either that, or USC is including some extra stars with their NIL money: Recruits: 5 5-stars: 2 4-Stars: 4 3-Stars: 1 Huh?
  19. Same here - first game I ever watched was Super Bowl IX, Steelers over Vikings. It's been all Black and Gold ever since. Klemm had one year there as head OL coach, I believe. He replaced a guy who got fired, and ended up with two rookies starting on the O-line. Two all-pros retired prior to that season (one unexpectedly due to injury), and the starting tackle was placed on IR early in the season, so the whole line shifted around. The talent level on the Steelers O-line was lacking and it was patchwork, plus they were trying to protect an aged QB who could no longer move. I have no qualifications for evaluating the quality of an O-line coach; I'm just hoping the Steelers' offensive line woes were connected to the lack of talent, youth, and significant injuries rather than to the coaching. My one concern is that he left the Steelers with two games left in the season, which is really strange. I wonder whether he wanted out that badly or they wanted to be rid of him that badly.
  20. We've heard it all before. Oregon can't compete in recruiting because we're not one of the blue bloods, like Oklahoma, USC, Alabama, etc. Oregon can't compete in recruiting because we're stuck in the Pacific NW, without a huge recruiting base. Oregon can't compete in recruiting because we're not in the NC game every year. Oregon can't compete in recruiting because Eugene isn't a major media market. Oregon can't compete in recruiting because we're not in the SEC or Big 10. Oregon can't compete with USC in recruiting. Oregon can't compete on the national stage because other schools out-recruit us. Now it's Oregon can't compete in recruiting because we won't pay billions to 18-year-olds. So now it's just time to prove 'em wrong once again.
  21. I've stopped trying to figure out how these kids make their decisions. Before NIL, you'd think decisions would largely be driven by fit-with-scheme, opportunity, academics, and chance to win. And I'm sure that was a lot of it. But then you would hear kids talking about liking a college because that's where their girlfriend is going, or loving the uniforms, or having watched previous players at that school growing up, or the weather, or the campus, or the crowd at the spring game, or how they "really prioritized me"... I'm going to assume some kids are just going to be mercenary - Michigan offers $1.5 million while Alabama offers $1.6, so Roll Tide. Others may look at where friends are going, who's getting drafted from that team, TV exposure, conference rep, coaching staff, "family feel," and a bunch of other stuff (including everything listed above). If everything is a bidding war for the Ducks, that really increases the chances of getting a lot of the mercenaries.
  22. Two other points I see regarding some of the extreme NIL figures we see. First (and this plays out constantly in the pros), there will always be some team that is willing to throw crazy money at a player. Some free agent QB might get offers of $20 million a year from the Panthers, $22 million from the Bears, and $24 million from the Seahawks - but then some clown owner will come in and throw $35 million at him. Smart teams look at the overall picture, not the outliers, when considering what to pay. Second is that I wonder how long it's going to take before college teams are throwing expensive freshmen into games before they're ready, because they just invested a million bucks in Jamal so Jamal is damn well going to play. Now, Jamal can't read coverages yet, so he ends up doing a crash-and-burn the way DJ Ukelele did at Clemson (no way I'm going to get that spelling right - you know who I mean). Now he's very possibly going to lose his job to another hot-shot incoming 5-star. How many careers will that ruin, the way Tim Couch was ruined by the Browns and Joey Harrington by the Lions before they were ready? Or how many smart teams will pull reclamation projects off the scrap heap in the transfer portal and end up with a great starter (who then may threaten to do the transfer portal unless he's paid)? Still a LOOOOOONG way to go until we know how all the NIL stuff will eventually play out.
  23. The moment the article started with "coolest-looking, most iconic" I knew the list was going to be garbage. Those are two completely different things. The Model T and VW Beetle are iconic, would you argue those are two of the coolest-looking cars ever? Most iconic? Basically it's huge, popular programs that have kept the same design forever: USC, Bama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, etc. Coolest-looking? That's a completely different list. Some of the special helmets from the military academies are among the coolest-looking helmets I've seen. Many of Oregon's designs. Some of the alternates I've seen from SDSU, Indiana, ASU, and Northwestern. But a pure white helmet with a navy blue stripe? A crimson helmet with a white block number? What in the world makes those cool? (Then, of course, you have some that just go way overboard, like Oregon's pink helmets or whatever Maryland tried to do with that abysmally ugly state flag. I got vertigo just glancing at that thing.) IMHO, the only "iconic" helmets that are cool are Michigan, FSU, and Texas. The rest are simply boring.
  24. Huh. I understand questioning his coaching and his decision to jump ship. But questioning his recruiting? That's the one thing that never seemed to be a problem. Even QB - he got a five-star and a couple of four-stars. The fact that they didn't produce during his time here and/or he chose to go with the grad transfer isn't really a function of recruiting.
  25. What is your ultimate goal: Stay long-term and win national championships at Oregon To to the NFL Return as HC to the SEC (like UGA) (Can you tell the last two coaches have left me gun-shy?)
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