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Charles Fischer

Tell-me, Tell me: Fiesta Bowl Game Thread

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It was a very cruel reversal of fortunes for the Ducks. For a while, they had made the last few minutes of the first half their red zone. Today, those minutes were a disaster. They get a great goal line stand, march 99 yards, tie the score, and look forward to getting the ball at the start of the second half. what could go wrong?
 Sadly, we all know what went wrong. Iowa State ended up winning the TOP, about 48-12, and the Ducks spent a lot of the time they did have the ball, committing costly penalties or turning the ball over. Somehow it seems the score should have been even worse.


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It was not fun to watch. So many unforced errors for the Ducks.

What's fun to watch is a contest between two battling teams who push one another to one great play after another.

That was not in any way this year's Fiesta Bowl. This was an embarrassment for the Ducks program, players and especially the coaching staff. I feel sorry for our talented players, who played hard in a losing effort. Perhaps it will prove a turning point for the program and provide the motivation for everyone to perform at a higher level in the coming season. We can only hope that is true.

But the fact remains, based on the evidence I've seen in the games played yesterday, we have a long way to go to get to that level.


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It was an incredibly sad and embarrassing day for Oregon and the Pac 12 in front of a national audience.  We laid an egg on national tv.  We were outmanned, outcoached, and outplayed in every facet of the game.  We've given Helton a lot of verbal abuse over the years for abundance of talent with poor coaching, and it's becoming apparent to me that we're no better.  We've lost players to covid, injuries and opt outs, but so have all the other schools.  I'm so glad we didn't play Ohio State, and to even think we're anywhere near the elite teams is ludicrous.

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I'm sad the Ducks lost, especially in the fashion they did. But I'm glad they chose to play in their bowl game, which is more than 6 other PAC-12 teams did. I hope the practices and game experience (however faulty) will help them learn to be better players starting in the spring.

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wow... just jumping in here late with a few comments - if there is redundancy, my apologies...  I really think we can hang this loss on the coaching staff, primarily the Head Coach.  Taking Shough out just before the end of the first drive really messed with our mojo.  We've been hearing that they wanted Tyler to get his confidence back, but subbing him out right before the good stuff happened was a bad idea.  I'm not sure the coaches were successful in getting buy-in from him about this new 2 quarterback system that seemed to pop up overnight as it were.  Then when Brown couldn't sustain an actual drive, they sub Tyler back in, but his body language showed no emotion or drive.  At one point in the game, the camera panned across Tyler when the other players were applauding a play on the field, and Tyler was just clapping politely - no emotion at all.  Wouldn't surprise me to see his name in the transfer portal tomorrow....  It also wouldn't surprise me if the unusually poor performance on special teams was also impacted by this uncertainty. 

I feel that shuffling back and forth between quarterbacks, and not letting Tyler finish the first drive and be rewarded for getting them down the field took something away from the whole team.  I know the defense played their back side off, but they couldn't win it all by them selves, especially after the coaches shot the offense in the foot too many times.

Just my 2 cents worth...


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I'm with you bro.

The coaching staff has made a mess of our QB situation and possibly harmed Tyler's head, opening the door for him to leave. This really bothers me especially since we saw his parents in the stands, watching this play out. If you were the parent of a high school athlete, would you permit your son to commit and play for these coaches after witnessing that? In my mind, Oregon has always given the impression of a family, where relationships matter and help young athletes grow into adulthood the right way, with the right set of values. I don't know, but I suspect the Sewell family thought that.

That earned reputation was damaged tonight. And that hurts worse than the loss, as bad as it was.


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I think the coaching staff was trying to see if they had one qb who could lead the offense. Right now we don't have a true leader at the qb position. Since Marcus we lucked into Herbert, but haven't had much luck since our Heisman developing, or recruiting the next great one.

Maybe he was on the bench or is headed to Eugene this spring, but the next great qb didn't show up today. There is hope, and that will have the biggest impact on the season, at least the biggest thing we can change. 

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2 hours ago, ICamel said:

That would be $750,000,000. Show us the money!

ok maybe a bit over exaggerated but you know what I mean--Iowa St?, maybe less funding than  Oregon St or Boise St.

Oregon is known throughout the nation as Nike U. Why have better than most NFL team facilities if we cant beat Iowa St??

what type of lack of discipline is going down in Eugene?

Embarrassing  to say the least, 20 yrs ago it would be different.

the highest paid public employee in Oregon is MC---and even higher now

I could see the Ducks losing to say a Clemson or even a Notre Dame but Iowa St??? fail big time.

We are becoming the USC of the north..

And... Im not buying into the inexperience or youth. Our best players are seniors and juniors or redshirt sophomores.

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I had a feeling the mens bball team would help take the sting off that football game today...........and they came through. They dominated Stanford when it counted in the last 10 minutes of the ball game.

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