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  1. So you all prefer playing 2 TE's to playing 6 lineman. Would it even be viable running an offense that features six OL like Stanford did to us several years ago?
  2. I was just wondering if we could run an extra lineman and split out TE instead of two TE (one split, one blocking) to help with there being only 3 in the room. We have numbers on the OL but only Herbert as a true blocking TE. Saddiq is a true FR and more of a split out and so is Ferguson. We could pick up another TE out of the portal but then would have to have someone else leave with us already needing 7 players removed. We ran the extra OL w/1 TE at goal line last year and was successful. Why wouldn't that work for the whole game?
  3. How many FB games would we have to play back East every year if we were to join the B1G? If it were to be more than 1 then that would put us at a disadvantage. As has been stated many times; in the pros it's a disadvantage to play back East, with it not being so for them to play out here. So I just can't see how it will help us just like we've been saying about the la traitors. Please JK get us a deal even if it's only streaming and close in $ to the Big 12, so we can stay on the West Coast for all but maybe 1 game a year including ooc. To me that is in our best interest to getting to the playoffs, bar none. I ask you a question; did we get to where we are by taking the safe route or by taking chances and being on the cutting edge and innovative? I know what the answer is for me. Go Ducks!
  4. On the one hand I want to get all this put behind us and get the focus back on the field. Yet this is another example of not fighting for what you love. In this world you have to fight or you get ran over and lose. You might still lose even if you fight back as there aren't any guaranties in life but not trying is to me the worst one can do. Why this suit hasn't been filed is making me shake my head in disbelief. If I had the money I would do it myself.
  5. As was stated earlier look at the results of pro West Coast teams playing back East. It's terrible. The travel will be a bad thing for the la schools in FB. I promise you!
  6. The start to good news. Spring FB can't get here soon enough.
  7. We have our own network. Why can't we leverage that? We have our own production capabilities to sell content to any networks, streaming services, cable, etc, which means there would be no costs to said entities. It seems like a win win for everyone concerned.
  8. It makes no sense to have 1 school in Texas get 3 more for a pod. I like the idea of UTSA and Tulane (gets into Louisiana). ASU, Arizona, UU, and Col. SDSt and either Fre ST or UNLV for a pod with Cal and Stanford. UW, WSU, OSU and the Ducks. If we got to do it swing for the fences. If it doesn't work out it won't be any worse then were we are right now. P(acific)M(ountain)AC 16
  9. I see 7 players that can or will transfer. Especially when the best step up after spring ball. Iron sharpens iron.
  10. I thought we were only going to play 8 conference games instead of 9? We'll still have a disadvantage to SEC and ACC. What gives?
  11. When I saw the headline I felt the same way as LA. It seems we are always in the final school list, I get excited then reality hits and we are not the school chosen. My next thought is why even post it like LA thought. Then I read the differing opinions on OBD and it opens my eyes up on other ways to think about it. The more info a person has the better chance to make informed decisions. That's what I like most about OBD. The rules state that we should respect each other's opinions so people will feel safer to post thus encouraging the discourse of as many opinions as possible. I encourage all of us to keep that in mind. Take care and Happy New Year to everyone. Especially our Ducks.
  12. Agree 1000% shame on the committee.
  13. Just saw where DL Popo A got his medical additional year and will be back for 2023. Another stud that will be back.
  14. I saw a different article on ON3 that's a lot the same but also went into NIL. He described how Oregon didn't get into that where as other teams were throwing around a lot of money to entice him. That he was after who he thought could help him get to NFL money. It was quite interesting.
  15. Just noticing the fields from other bowl games and it shows how bad ours was last night. There was around 40K attendance last night. You'd think San Diego would have a better FB stadium to choose from. That wasn't a baseball park with which to hold the Holiday Bowl at. It definitely had an impact on the game. It could have created major injuries. Luckily it didn't.
  16. Two coaches in one season. Ouch. Is continuity that important or if you can coach, you can coach. Does this hurt us? I have never been a coach or in the game that much. I was just wondering what the guys out there who have, think about it.
  17. That's three for the next game as the most important. Start of season we lost. Couldn't lose another game or we were basically out of the playoff hunt. We didn't and ran off eight straight. We were looking at going to the championship game when we lost to UW. That meant we had to beat Utah the next to keep up the dream. Which we did. Then we had to beat OSU the next week which we fell short of doing. Every game every week is the most important but winning last game sets up next year on a good foot.
  18. I believe it's tough for us to go back east and play because of the time difference adjustment. Less of a problem for east teams coming out West but if you look over the years I think the record bears this out. I know it's been said before that 5 o'clock ( or any other time of day )is the same but again I believe the record doesn't back that up.
  19. Good way to start the reloading and upgrade for our defense.
  20. We take their QB. They take our coach. Don't know if I believe that's a fair trade.
  21. I'm happy for him. I believe the last staff ruined it for him at the flock
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