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  1. I'm a take-it-one-game-at-a-time type of fan. Go Ducks, beat arizona!
  2. Just heard on the radio that the Colorado job is open now too.
  3. Could have done without the cummerbund, but otherwise loved the look. The actual green & yellow Duck colors--what a concept!
  4. To me TT looks like a little brother who hasn't yet caught up to his big brother on the field. But maybe sooner rather than later things will just click for him. Hope so!
  5. There probably weren't that many there. Season ticket seats are counted as part of the attendance, even if the ticket holders don't attend. I didn't go and my tickets didn't sell, but those seats would still count toward total attendance at the game.
  6. If the Ducks keep winning, I'll be happy and not worry (too much) about the polls.
  7. I don't like it and was surprised by it in this game. The first four games I'd thought the Ducks had done a pretty good job of "celebrating with their teammates." I hope Lanning quickly and firmly steers them back in that direction.
  8. Well, I don't have a smart TV, so I'm hoping Duck games will still be on the stations that I can already view without one. Yes, I am technologically challenged.
  9. I was checking to see if my tickets to the Stanford game had sold yet (they haven't), and saw that there are tons and tons still for sale. I'm wondering how full/empty the stadium will be tomorrow night. I know I hate the 8 pm start time, and it looks as if I'm not the only one. I know there's the TV money and season tickets that are already paid for whether the ticket holders show or not, but still it looks as if a lot of non-season seats will go unsold, so concession sales will be down, parking $$ down. While I suppose it does not make a huge difference, it sure seems as if the late-night games hurt the budget to some extent. And empty seats are not a good look. Plus, less crowd noise.
  10. When Lanning knows why someone committed a penalty, it must help him to know how to coach that player to not make the penalty again.
  11. I've noticed that this year the majority, if not all, of the celebrations after a good play or score, have been with the Ducks celebrating with one another. I like this trend, and I'm sure it must be something Lanning emphasizes.
  12. And I live in Eugene--but I'm not going to a stadium and driving home at midnight! I can stay home, watch in my jammies, and then go right off to bed as soon as the game is over. And I still don't like 8:00 games!
  13. I've put my tickets up for sale--so far no nibbles. Of course, even if they don't sell, since they are paid for they will count in attendance.
  14. In fairness to Miami fans, there were storms headed their way. But, still.
  15. Welcome, Janny! You'll find lots of Duck information, thoughts, and opinions here!
  16. I heard two radio guys complaining about the pixelating, buffering, screen lock, etc. for Prime's game too.
  17. No. Don't have a clue about it and no grandchildren to show me.
  18. Not too surprised either--though I wonder how it would have gone if ASU had been winning.
  19. Ah, I was in section 35m riw43. There were a lot of BYU fans at the game!
  20. Welcome to Eugene! In what section of the stadium will you be sitting?
  21. I will not be happy if Amazon would be the only option.
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