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  1. Well, actually, he has three jobs: kickoffs, PATs, and field goals. But, yeah.
  2. At one time wasn't the plan to have only 11 regular season games, then conference championships could be Thanksgiving weekend, and playoffs could start the next week? Or did I dream this.?
  3. I think you are right. Probably the only night-starts will be when we play any of the west coast teams, and I think we play only two per year and one would probably be away. But if the B1G cares about all the conference viewers being able to enjoy all the conference games, then maybe the start times for those games would not be later than 4 or 5 pm.
  4. Ah, yes, but the game could start at 5:00 pm and the game would still be under the lights.
  5. One quick thing to do is drive up to the top of Skinner Butte and get a nice view of the city. For Duck gear, there are Ducks Stores at Valley River Center, at the bookstore on campus (13th and Kincaid), and next to Autzen. I think on game day gear is sold inside the stadium in the concourse area too. Enjoy your visit!
  6. So many different types of great eating places, from the elegant Gordon Tavern to pub grubs such as Quackers and The Bier Stein. I'm sure others here will have good suggestions!
  7. The Autzen parking lot opens six hours before game time, so this week that would be 1:30 pm.
  8. I'll renew my season tickets, but I actually think of 8 home games as bit daunting. I usually lack energy the day after a game.
  9. Oh, I am going to the USC game! Been planning to all year, even though back in September I suspected it would be a night game. If the Cal game had been a 7:30 start, I most likely would have stayed home for that one. Thankfully, the USC game is the only home game starting so late. And I probably wasn't clear that I will watch away night Duck games all the way to the end, but not any non-Duck night games. Of course, in the case of away Duck night games I can be all ready for bed before the game even starts, and it's just a 20-second walk to the bedroom afterwards.
  10. We're all different. I'm morning person and hate late start times. At home, the only games I will stay up for past 9:30 to watch are Duck away games. Otherwise, I'll watch the first quarter or maybe first half of other games, and that goes late enough for me.
  11. When I first got xfinity I also had Peacock free for year, but didn't keep it once I would have had to pay.
  12. And yet if other (ie: PAC) conference teams play Directional-State-type schools they get dinged for their lack of strength of schedule...
  13. Support our beloved Oregon quarterback! Nissan Heisman House | ESPN PROMO.ESPN.COM Think you know who the next Heisman Trophy winner will be? See who's got a shot at taking home this year's Heisman Trophy.
  14. I was worried this would be a night game--I hate night games. Getting home at midnight is not fun (and I know I'm luckier than those who live two hours away and don't get home until 2 am).
  15. I'm on Comcast, but if I try to go to Peacock a message comes up asking who the account holder is (and I've been assuming they mean an account with Peacock).
  16. And I thought we'd be getting away from night games! And never even thought about Thursday, Friday or Sunday on Labor Day Weekend.
  17. That spread surprises me a bit too, simply because I figure it's not easy to beat anyone by that much. With a forecast for rain on Saturday, it will be interesting to see if that will make a difference for either team.
  18. It's on now on Fox! They switched the OK KS game to FS1!
  19. ESPN froze, at least at my house, so I miss the final picks! What happened? And did Corso show for the final pick?
  20. Nick A is second from the left, standing. The picture was taken at a luncheon on the Friday before the game.
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