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  1. Maybe. Or maybe it sits with one of the other two QBs on the team (Sanders or Van Dyne), or a player yet to be recruited (a longer wait in that case, but maybe that's how it will be).
  2. Plus, GA mostly likely knew what the Duck defense was going to do on every play, which gave them at least a bit of an advantage.
  3. Earlier this year Coach Lanning referred to "watering the bamboo." A Chinese bamboo tree takes five years to grow. It has to be watered and fertilized in the ground where it has been planted every day. It doesn't break through the ground for five years. After five years, once it breaks through the ground, it will grow 90 feet tall in five weeks! While I hope it will be sooner than five years, I also didn't expect to see major improvements right away. One game at a time.
  4. I think this was posted on one of the other threads, but it does address the issue of leaving Nix in
  5. I have to say, Charles, that the defense today was a surprise to me--I wasn't expecting that.
  6. Lanning did say it would take around 5 years of "watering the bamboo before it grows" (or something along that line.)
  7. Could make it interesting for coaches on deciding on recruiting high school players and "shopping" in the portal.
  8. Who is/are the people behind this Eugene NIL Club?
  9. This will give you information about UO parking. Scroll down to the map and you'll see the Millrace Garage, which is right by a path that leads to Autzen. If you turn right just as you get to the garage, there has been a lot that provides parking for Duck games for $10 (as of last year, anyway). If you turn left just as you reach the Millrace Garage it takes you to a lot where I think you can pay by phone and I believe that's $15. But get there early. If you click on the map, it gets large enough to read the names of the roads. Other parking at the UO just be sure you don't park by a sign that says "Reserved at all times." Parking | Transportation Services TRANSPORTATION.UOREGON.EDU
  10. Wtih the Ducks having an entirely new set of coaches, including a HC who has not been a HC before, and QBs who have never started a game for the Ducks, I don't know what to think about the game against Georgia, or the entire season, for that matter.
  11. When I go for walks in my neighborhood in Eugene, I and others walking greet and chat with each other all time.
  12. I can give you the map, but others here would know better the qualities of the various pubs and breweries. I think there will probably be plenty of tailgaiting in the morning, both at Autzen and across the street. Again, others can provide details. Hope you have a fun time in Eugene! brew+pub+map+eugene+or - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM
  13. Back in the olden days when I played field hockey in high school there was actually a theory that drinking water at half time was somehow bad for you, so all we got were orange sections for a source of liquid. Crazy then, crazy now.
  14. I seem to remember that it was Cusano who used to step to the sideline after a good play and make a giant "O" with his arms--this was before the "O" with hands now.
  15. And I imagine that vomit spewing all around adds to the spread of germs (anything from colds to who-knows-what).
  16. Whenever Coach Campbell was a speaker at Daisy Ducks he always brought 2 or 3 players with him--miss him!
  17. I think there are 7 Freshmen/Redshirt FR, and 4 sophomore O-Linemen, so at least the cupboard is not bare, and maybe there will be commits or portal transfers this fall.
  18. "You might recall the story a player recounted in a FishDuck interview where he stated that Lanning was “brilliant” as the coach called out plays and defensive coverages in the Super Bowl…before they actually happened?" The key being that "they actually happened." For a time I sat next to former high-school football coach who would call out plays--90% of which were wrong!
  19. "In theory, it could offer weekly kickoffs at 7:30 p.m. Pacific on Friday and Saturday night for 13 weeks. That's 26 games, with little or no competition, in primetime windows for the West Coast and Mountain Time Zone audiences." The only night games I watch are Duck games, and then I'm in my jammies ready for the 20-second walk to the bedroom as soon as the game ends. I can't believe that the audience/money for a night game compares to say, a 12:30 start time, especially in the Central and Eastern Time zones where almost no one watches West Coast night games.
  20. Interesting how several of us remember "Only you can prevent forest fires." In 200l the line was changed to "Only you can prevent wildfires," and that is the slogan today. But I grew up hearing "forest fires" and that's what I still think even when I hear the new slogan.
  21. Hope you get to go to the game, and Congratulations to your daughter!
  22. Stanford to South Bend, a short distance? "Only" a little over 2,000 miles?
  23. Looking forward to seeing Dillingham's offense. But I saw that he is only 32 years old--I think I have Duck T-shirts older than that!
  24. “If these (Big Ten) deals go through, then next up will be the Pac-12, which ESPN likes because of its late night windows,” Marchand wrote. It this means more stinking night games, I am not going to be a happy camper.
  25. I think the players have worn pink before, though not sure if it was on the numbers. Otherwise I don't notice any striking differences in the unis.
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