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  1. Miami Reportedly Retiring the ‘Turnover Chain’ Heading into 2022 Season WWW.SI.COM The Hurricanes are doing away with their infamous turnover chain.
  2. Sounds as if there will be a lot of penalties called until players get used to the rule changes. These changes might make the game safer, but every penalty called also makes the game longer.
  3. Pac-12 Football: Teams ranked by TV performances ratings last 5 years DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM With conference realignment always a topic in the Pac-12, a look a which teams have the best TV performance numbers over the... Both Ducks and Trojans had 6 regular season games with over 4 million viewers.
  4. We can hope that with any games against teams on the East Coast (or Midwest) that ESPN would schedule them for times that better suit those areas--and we'd have fewer night games because of that!
  5. I don't even stay up to watch the PAC night games unless the Ducks are playing.
  6. I've always said I wouldn't want to be married to a football coach, since they are never home. But I remember one time, I think when Rich Brooks was head coach, that the families of the coaches came to each practice for 20 minutes to interact with the coaching, and I also think they had Thursday evenings off, and Sunday mornings off--except for Brooks, who filmed the coach show on Sunday morning.
  7. Grant money might be a factor. Professors, especially in the sciences, can pull in pretty good money with grants, and I'm guessing that the $100 million from the Big 10 would go to the athletic department only?
  8. Faster than a speeding starting-gun blank!
  9. This does not apply anyone at FishDuck, but I have certainly encountered such folks at Autzen! (I remember long ago Rich Brooks saying that there were people who sat in the stands behind the team who tried to send him plays they thought he should put into the game.)
  10. That's the sort of thing we often ask at Daisy Ducks when we're lucky enough to have student athletes come with their coaches as guest speakers.
  11. "...Who bothers to warn people about swimming? It’s not on the list of things we warn them about.” There were other Ducks who died in a water incident. Basketball player Jesse Nash, who drowned while inner tubing on the Willamette River several years ago. And in 2013 Alex James Rovello died as a result of a diving accident at Tamolitch Falls. Though one never knows how much a young person will listen, I think every new student athlete--heck, every new student--should be told about the dangers of swimming/inner-tubing/diving into the waters in Oregon. It is sad when anyone leaves this Earth, but more so when it is someone young and all their potential goes with them.
  12. Looks amazing! I wonder what the current indoor facility will become.
  13. So terribly sad. My deepest sympathy to all his family and friends.
  14. UC Board of Regents to discuss UCLA exit to Big Ten; questions emerge TROJANSWIRE.USATODAY.COM Will the University of California system’s Board prevent UCLA’s move? Probably not … but there sure are some interesting... Can they stop UCLA from leaving?
  15. What worries me is ESPN's proclivity for scheduling PAC games at night. I hate night games, I hate the "PAC-12 After Dark" motto, as I've always felt it was more like "PAC12, Afterthought." But I will cross my fingers that somehow something good will come of this.
  16. I believe that he has said when he was in high school he coached a third-grade basketball team.
  17. While I have my favorite uniforms and also some of which I am not particularly fond, at this point whatever unis they wear when they win are my preferred!
  18. I get frustrated too. Especially annoying is hearing how the PAC is "down" during years when Oregon plays in National Championship games and USC has a poor record, including losing to the Ducks. Since 1994 the Ducks have 12 wins over usc to their 7, and since 2009, Ducks 6 wins over usc to their 2 over the Ducks. At one time the sun never set on the British Empire, but times have changed.
  19. I love college football, but rarely watch NFL except to check in on games now and then to see how Ducks in the pros are doing. College football has tradition, history, and regionalism that makes it fun for me to watch. But with the transfer portal, NIL, and the development of ever-larger mega-conferences, college football is turning into NFL 2.0.
  20. Sounds as if, other than the big buck$, usc and ucla are moving to the Big 10 in order to escape having to play Oregon.
  21. That's my favorite win, but my second-favorite win is the Ducks beating the longhorns when Oregon played Texas in the 2000 Holiday Bowl. 95% of the Texans were insufferable, so sure they were going to win. But the Ducks beat them 35-30 with Joey Harrington throwing for a touch down, running for a touchdown and catching a pass for a touchdown.
  22. If there's a new PAC with current members plus additional teams that are west of the Mississippi, I worry that all PAC games will be night games, since the mega-conferences could suck up all the day-game hours for Fox and ESPN.
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