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  1. He has his priorities straight. Wife before football. In a perfect world I'm sure he would have both his wife and the ducks, but he gave up one to strengthen the other.
  2. I was surprised to see how small the footprint is for UW: Maybe I shouldn't be...
  3. this game wasn't even televised in Montana: a good move in retrospect. I had to go to ESPN3 online for this...
  4. If we must become a part of the machine to survive, then a conference with three 7-team divisions sounds good to me: the western division could be mostly former Pac-12 teams (wouldn't that just chap USC's hide?). Conference championships would be a four team playoff with the division winners and the non-division winner with the best record.
  5. I am no fan of the NIL and am concerned that it will destroy college football as we have come to know it. I am not inclined to do anything that perpetuates it
  6. The wild card that wicked doesn't mention is injury: Getting meaningful game time experience (not just garbage time) can be a life-saver if our #1 goes down for any length of time.
  7. I'm a fan of the college game first and foremost. Because I've been deprived of football for so long I will watch that first Thursday night game (the actual start of the college football season) just to see some game action: If one or both of those second-tier teams has any cache, then all the better. I've chosen to watch football on Saturday and get my work done on Sunday: not enough room to watch both college and the pros (except Herbert and Mariota: I'll watch if I know they're on).
  8. There is no question as to the positives that MC brought to the ducks in regards to character, work ethic and integrity, so I am hesitant to vilify the man for the shortcomings that we saw as time passed. The test for him will be whether he learns from his failures at Oregon and correct them or repeats them. Bill Belicheck and Pete Carroll both had horrendous stops along the road but they leanred/adapted and eventually become top tier coaches. The sad fact for Oregon was that MC probably needed to crash and burn before the lessons were learned, and – if he has learned – they came at Oregon’s expense. I wish MC well, right up to the moment when his team takes the field against the Ducks
  9. He had his flaws, but character was not one of them
  10. Sure hope I don't start getting calls from Coral Gables this fall
  11. I'm watching via satellite but they had no excuse, as I sent them a sat phone and they have yet to use it
  12. Duck 1972: if you want the boycott to be effective, concentrate on the TV broadcasts only: That'll send a message to the money people
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