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MC Detractors: Step Right up, Don't be shy ...

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All I see is an unending stream of what's wrong with MC. But what is ALWAYS missing is ... who will you replace him with? My theory is ... you don't say, because you don't have a clue. 

So here is your chance. Here are a bunch of college head FB coaches (or come up with your own). I'm very interested to know which one you think will come to Eugene to turn Mario's recruits into world beaters:


Dave Doeren, NC State
Jeff Brohm, Purdue
Paul Chryst, Wisconsin
Dana Halgorsen, Houston
Sonny Dykes, SMU
Thomas Hammock, Northern Illinois
Sean Lewis, Kent State
Dave Clawson, Wake Forest
Pat Narduzzi, Pittsburgh
Dabo Swinney, Clemson
Mack Brown, North Carolina
Blake Anderson, Utah State
Brady Hoke, San Diego State
Kalen Deboer, Fresno State
Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma
Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
Dave Aranda, Baylor
Matt Campbell, Iowa State
Steve Sarkisian, Texas
Jonathan Smith, Oregon State
Kyle Whittingham, Utah
Herm Edwards, Arizona State
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan
Mel Tucker, Michigan State
Ryan Day, Ohio State
James Franklin, Penn State
Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
PJ Fleck, Minnesota
Kirby Smart, Georgia
Mark Stoops, Kentucky
Dan Mullen, Florida
Josh Heupel, Tennessee
Nick Saban, Alabama
Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss
Bryan Harsin, Auburn
Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M
Luke Fickell, Cincinnati
Brian Kelly, Notre Dame
Jeff Traylor, UTSA
Jamey Chadwell, Coastal Carolina
Kalani Sitake, BYU


So who are you bringing to Eugene that would have the Ducks passing the ball like crazy and being 7-0 instead of 6-1?

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My answer to a situation that I hope does not develop: Lane Kiffin, with a bullet!


Turned around FAU and has Ole Miss poised to go to a NY6 bowl in his second year in Oxford. Knows the west coast and the man can recruit.

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Mario isn't leaving unless he is run out of town, actually it probably won't take that much, oh I get it. 


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I dont hate MC at all, Some of us are just wondering whats wrong with all our 3 4 and 5 star recruits over the last 3 years and our offense that could be a bit better.

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Ive been a fan of  the Ducks since the early 70s and I am feeling a little bit upset by some of these posts--give me a break. the $$$$$$ thats poured into this program deserves more consistency. If you want to go back to the old days Im all for it. Take away the fancy uniforms, the NFL or better practice facilities- reduce the scholarships by 30% Ill still be a fan. Will You?

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rden!  Two things, and the first is that I wrote about that a couple of times in posts and in an article.  We don't have great alternatives, and I do like so much of what Cristobal brings to it all.


I think in some respects...Chip is a better coach, but Mario is better at quite a few other things.  His recruiting of coaches was a key component yesterday, as MC's assistants really did a fine job to give us the margin of victory.


And second...great to see you make the Duck migration over here!  WELCOME!


I think I'll pass on this guy....

Jim Leavitt Angry.jpg

Mr. FishDuck

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Not a hater at all.

Replacing coaches is not an exact science. Many say Chip Kelly is a better “coach”.  Problem with Chip is that being a head coach involves more than X’s and O’s. Chip’s record is not endearing himself to UCLA alums. 

I attend games and will cheer and grumble like every fan. I never have felt entitled to a winning team, or championship. A lot of pieces would need to fall into place for Oregon to win a National Championship. 

One of the main pieces is consistently recruiting high caliber talent. Another big piece will be a QB that is in contention for the Heisman Trophy. If Oregon doesn’t have those components, in my opinion, all the complaining is just “white noise”.


Cristobal has a good chance of accomplishing at least those things. Will he win a championship?
I don’t know, but he has a better chance than most coaches in college football. 

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The coach you don't have is always like the backup QB who doesn't play, the most popular person on the team.

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I reject the premise.  The vast majority of people who are critical of Mr Cristobal do NOT want him gone.  They want him to:


fulfill his promise of Oregon offense but bigger- until the high flying ducks come back,  the culture one built off of a bait and switch sales pitch.


players being ready to play game 1, second 1, every game-  it is ok to fail the eye test against an inferior opponent sometimes but not every game.  


see acknowledgment, accountability, and improvement where they are deficient- Every win is a validation of the program and “we didn’t play up to expectations” when we lose. Teams can’t learn without a culture of accountability.


Hopefully that will be easier than finding a replacement coach and staff because their is so much good about the Oregon Team.

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Personally, I would do whatever it takes to keep Mario and his staff, intact. Increase all their bonus incentives to direct this team to the finish line.


It was understandable to be emotionally spent after the Stanford loss. Many commenters wanted the offense to be opened up. Brown to play better and coaches to coach better. Well we got what we wished for the last 2 weeks 


The last 2 games Brown is 49-67 for 540 yards, 1 TD pass and 2 ints. Not to bad. For those who wanted things to open up on offense this is a good start. As for the pics, the first one was all on AB. Never throw over the middle, never. Almost all QB's never learn that lesson.


Lots of negative comments on the 2nd pic in the end zone. It was the right call, just bad throw. The play was there.  The Bruins game plan was to load the box, all game long. Keep in mind without AB 's 85 yards rushing the other backs generated 45, yes 45 total rushing yards. We won this game because of a solid offensive game plan from the coaches, o line play and AB executing better.  The offense took what the Bruins D gave them.. That's work ethic and coaching.


Turnovers can certainly change momentum. Thankfully the defense and their game plan delivered. Again.....


Coaching and encouragement have certainly helped this team go 6-1. The offense has multiple come from behind wins because of AB. The defense has held on all but once. And this team, all its coaches and players have something none of the greatest Duck players and coaches have: a win over toss buckeyes. Savor that for a few.


Go Ducks....



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Coaching carousels rarely solve the problem. 


My tagline: Players gotta play.

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