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Pac-12 Geographically Isolated From Rest of College Football World

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On 6/22/2022 at 9:48 AM, DanLduck said:


Should Oregon and the LA schools continue to fund Cal, AZ, or Colorado?

Well, Cal is a yes.  Obvs.  😃

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I agree that tv market size is one important factor in negotiating a better contract, but geography is still the big obstacle.  Arguably Oregon and the Ducks brand bring more to the table in negotiating than a team like Utah or Arizona which both have larger media markets.  People east of the Rockies know Oregon and usc and they need to be good.  No one outside of Utah cares one bit about watching them - unless it is against a name team like the osu.  


Having really good teams (and top heavy as Charles stated) makes a huge difference.  I think SDSU or UNLV could add some things to the conference, but not enough geographically.  I think we missed the boat when the big-12 was desperate and there was a chance to pick up a couple of Texas teams like Baylor or TCU that would have stretched the footprint farther east.  In the near term pac-12 teams need to win or be competitive in the big non-conference games where east coasters watch.

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On 6/23/2022 at 12:36 PM, NJDuck said:

At this time, as DUCati855 mentioned, the city of San Diego does have a pro football team.

My mistake on last sentence from my last message.  San Diego does not have a pro football team.

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On 6/23/2022 at 11:42 AM, NJDuck said:


My mistake on last sentence from my last message.  San Diego does not have a pro football team.

Well, in the hearts of many faithful and loyal Charger fans, they still do.

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On 6/23/2022 at 6:57 AM, NJDuck said:

Just some thoughts to ponder.  What about UNLV instead of Nevada or possibly both? if PAC12 decides to take up interest again to expand as possible candidates.  Interesting information below:



US News & World Report University Ranking: 227
Enrollment: 21,000
Media Market: 104

Pac-12 Expansion Fit: This is a tough one.


So this can be seen in two ways.  Either the Pac-12 would take UNLV and assume it has the state of Nevada – even if Reno is a whole separate area and base – or it jumps on the Rebel-Wolf Pack, Fremont Cannon rivalry and makes it more of a thing.


The big issue would be that Nevada just isn’t quite big enough. The media market is okay-not-great, and there’s no national fan base to up the overall profile.



US News & World Report University Ranking: 258
Enrollment: 31,175
Media Market: 40

Pac-12 Expansion Fit: This would be strictly a home base play.


It’s almost a lock that the Pac-12 will someday be mostly operating out of Las Vegas – especially if the big sport conference championships will be there.


UNLV doesn’t quite fit when it comes to the school or the national academic profile, but the TV market is great and the fan bases of the other Pac-12 institutions would make the road game a huge event.  Call this a trophy get as the league expands a bit geographically.


What is interesting, according to the report below UNLV has reached tier 1 research status.



As new graduates were receiving their diplomas Tuesday during UNLV’s winter commencement, the university got another major reason to celebrate. It came with ...


I wasn't aware that unlv has moved up in terms of their academics. It does open the door to them being more viable. 


Nevada University is interesting. 


I guess the only real answer to my question of where does the PAC expand into ... Nevada and that does feel great. 


Thanks for your post and great additional information on the two Nevada prospects NJDuck. 

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