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  1. Exactly! Such a young team, so many injuries, a QB who can look great one minute, then, well, inconsistent---they did it the hard way, but what an exciting, gutsy win!
  2. I'm not sure how long it will take my pulse to return to normal after that game, but, wow! Love the win!
  3. Jackson Pollock splatter painting symbolizing energy?
  4. I think before the season that's what I was reading and hearing from a lot of Duck fans. It is a young team.
  5. I think in the game against Ohio State Feld also corralled some players on the sideline who had gone down to either celebrate with the Duck fans (or maybe taunt OSU fans, not sure).
  6. Not that it changes much, but I believe Cal had a 2-week bye also.
  7. Booing in Autzen Stadium is nothing new. And the thing is, it doesn't take many people booing for the sound to stand out. When I've been to games where there was booing, I would look around and not be able to see who was booing. It could be 1% of the fans. And there's no way for other fans to show their disapproval of the booing (I'm sure at least some people disapprove). I mean, what do you do--boo the boo-ers? It would just come across as more booing. I would never boo the coaches or the players. The refs, on the other hand....
  8. I can remember booing--whether the fans were booing coaching decisions or players or both, I'm not sure, but there has been booing aimed at the team for one reason or another off and on over the years.
  9. Continuing with my glass-half-full viewpoint, AB did have 72% pass completion in the Cal game, and some nice runs.
  10. I have a dominant eternal-optimist gene, so I do appreciate this team. Last night the Ducks seemed to come alive in the fourth quarter. The defense played better—including Thibodeaux, who maybe needed a quarter to warm up? And even AB played better in the 4th—good, in fact. Inconsistency seems to be a problem for the whole team. Of course, the starting center was out again, and there have been so many other injuries. I don't know. I guess I just keep hoping they will improve and stay improved! I'd rather be the team winning by a touchdown, than one losing 4 games by a touchdown or less, as Cal has done. The Ducks are 5-1! (though it sure would have been nice if they'd played the last drive in regulation better against Stanford and were 6-0)!
  11. I'm always a little suspicious when someone claims "his sources were telling him..." since, over the years, so many of those claims turned out not to be true. But...there's always that chance that is is true. In which case, if there is a change at QB, it doesn't surprise me that MC would not announce it ahead of time.
  12. I think at this time of year, it may have to do with what colors they have. When it's T-shirt weather, I have all kinds of colors to choose from. When it's cold and/or rainy weather, my jackets are green or yellow. And a lot people have those phosphorescent orange rain ponchos!
  13. I would guess it's not 100%. It can take 3-4 weeks for a moderate sprain to heal--3-6 months for a more severe sprain. I remember way back when Joe Farwell sprained his ankle. The Ducks were really thin at most positions then, so he kept playing with his ankle taped up, and kept having to leave before the end of the game. This went on the rest of the season. Not saying Thibodeaux won't (or hasn't) heal fully, just that it can take a long time.
  14. On TV I think fans wearing black makes it look as if the stadium is empty. I like the highlighter yellow or apple green any time, but especially for TV at night.
  15. I hate, hate, hate night games and have decided not to go to them any more. But, that said, I did sell my tickets to the AZ and CAL games, so someone will be filling those seats. Of course, I don't know if they are/were Duck fans.
  16. I remember Ken Woody often commenting on JH's footwork, with what seemed the implication that he was not being coached to correct it.
  17. That is, will the SEC teams beat each other up each year as so often happens in the PAC-12, and, if so, what will sports writers and broadcasters say about that?
  18. Somehow I don't put The Duck in the same category as The Purple Cow or The Banana Slug...
  19. So eliminating super-aggressive alpha males creates a more harmonious society? Who'd've thunk it?
  20. I don't know if "I can't stand Stanford" equates to hate, but I can't stand them. Just their "mascot" being the color cardinal and having that represented by a tree, is just being too "cute" for words IMHO. Also, they way they try to portray their band's sophomoric antics as satire is another gripe.
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