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  1. "Nick Saban demands his coordinaors to be on the sideline to call offensive plays instead of the box." That's probably so he can chew them out on the sidelines in front of the TV cameras.
  2. No matter how big he is, he will always be his Momma's little boy.
  3. I've read speculation that he's homesick. What can I say? At that age, I lived at home and commuted to college. Sometimes it just takes a while before someone is ready to take bigger steps and spread his/her wings.
  4. In everyday life the typical body fat content is 25% for women at normal size compared to 15% for men. The article says that "The American Council on Exercise suggests an ideal body fat percentage for a female athlete to between 14% and 20%." There's absolutely no reason to expect a woman athlete to have a lower body fat percentage than that.
  5. The uniforms grew on me too. Of course, the win makes everything look better.
  6. Actually, people could sit down after the game and write a letter to the coaches with specifics as to where they are aiming their displeasure. Booing leaves a lot open for interpretation, including that some might feel it was the players being booed.
  7. I don't know the answers to HappyToBeADuck's questions, but I do know that the talking heads on sports shows and even the game broadcasters brought up the subject of the booing. I'm hoping that since that Cal game is now more than a week behind us, that they will stop.
  8. There goes my after-the-victory celebration evening.
  9. I don't understand why Ohio State is ranked ahead of Oregon. The Ducks beat OSU, ranked #3 when Oregon played them, currently ranked #5. What is Ohio State's big win since they lost to the Ducks? Tulsa? Akron? Rutgers? Indiana? Maybe Maryland? OSU lost at home to Oregon. Oregon lost an away game to Stanford in overtime.
  10. But Dye wasn't booing. He was being specific. And he wasn't part of an anonymous crowd in the stands.
  11. I guess I just feel there are better ways to express disapproval than booing. Maybe write a letter to the coaches specifically about what that disapproval is for. Just a thought. Yes, it takes more time and effort than booing, but it better defines the complaint. Yes, specifics are often detailed on places such as this forum, but the coaches aren't hopping from forum to forum reading the posts and therefore don't see the specifics, as they would in a letter addressed directly to them.
  12. And I will politely say that I think he doesn't want to hear it, because he thinks it's directed at the players.
  13. BTW, I think "scold fans" in the topic title is a bit misleading--MC was asking (pleading with) fans not to boo. And as I said earlier, I think he doesn't like that the booing comes across as booing the players. I don't think he's saying he's exempt from judgment. I knew a guy (former H.S. football coach) who used to write 3-4 page letters to Duck head coaches. I remember when fans who sat in the section behind the team used to try to send down suggested plays to the coaches during the game! Coaches are used to being scolded. But I think the vast majority object to players being booed.
  14. Since the booing at the Cal I have heard references to it on all sorts of national tv and radio sports shows. I don't think it's a good "look" for the fans or the program. The booers may feel that they are booing play calls and/or the coaches, but it sure comes across as booing the players, and I think that's what upsets MC. I'm sure he wonders how possible recruits might feel about it. I boo only the refs, something even Miss Manners says is okay as an acceptable part of attending a sporting event. I'm against booing in general. I don't even boo the opposing teams when they enter the stadium. Tepid applause, yes. Booing. No.
  15. https://www.oregonlive.com/ducks/2021/10/what-theyre-saying-nationally-in-los-angeles-after-oregon-beats-ucla.html?fbclid=IwAR3KaKjiuiJRs-zVXwIZC0T2kv0YXNHaUsWrQxApDv-LhVTcsl6LUq8yN6Y
  16. I'm an optimist, but I still take it one game at a time. Go Ducks, beat Colorado!
  17. Exactly! Such a young team, so many injuries, a QB who can look great one minute, then, well, inconsistent---they did it the hard way, but what an exciting, gutsy win!
  18. I'm not sure how long it will take my pulse to return to normal after that game, but, wow! Love the win!
  19. Jackson Pollock splatter painting symbolizing energy?
  20. I think before the season that's what I was reading and hearing from a lot of Duck fans. It is a young team.
  21. I think in the game against Ohio State Feld also corralled some players on the sideline who had gone down to either celebrate with the Duck fans (or maybe taunt OSU fans, not sure).
  22. Not that it changes much, but I believe Cal had a 2-week bye also.
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