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Charles Fischer

Poll: What are the Probabilities of Success for Dan Lanning to YOU??

Poll: How WILL Dan Lanning do at Oregon?  

46 members have voted

  1. 1. How WILL Dan Lanning do at Oregon?

    • Worse than Cristobal, as the risk of an inexperienced coach appears as some feared?
    • Worse than Cristobal at first, but recovers and out-performs the Cristobal era?
    • He ends up doing about the same over time, with one Rose Bowl and a 10 win season?
    • He takes Oregon to the Playoffs?
    • Oregon wins its first 'Natty with Coach Dan Lanning?

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     Reading these great comments, it occurred to me how important it is to separate ‘Identity’ from ‘Brand’. It’s also useful to remember that ‘Brand’ or ‘National Brand’ are extremely volatile and subjective terms that don’t necessarily mean the same thing in the eyes of different recruits. And, in the hands of a recruiter who is using ‘Brand’ to sell a program to recruits without understanding it, let alone believing in that program’s ‘Identity’, you have the makings of a ‘Brand’ disaster that can reach far into future recruiting years.


     Unfortunately, Mario was that guy. He got the ‘Brand’ part,  but he never got, nor believed in, the ‘Duck Identity’. We’re fast, smart and know how to adapt to change. We weather storms because we know when to fly, and when to hit the pond. We get to where we’re going (eventually!) because we’re a flock, and we stick together. It’s an identity that is battle tested and hard won. Mario — God bless him — drove his ‘Brand’ new Mallardati  like it was a bulldozer at night with the headlights turned off.


     I’m just hoping that moving to a guy whose roots are more midwestern, and who has chosen coaches with a mixture of west coast roots and experience that our ‘Identity’ won’t be so hard now to grasp and — more importantly — instill in recruits.  


     It’s not rocket science; it’s just being a Duck! 

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On 12/26/2021 at 2:23 PM, Washington Waddler said:

 Unfortunately, Mario was that guy. He got the ‘Brand’ part,  but he never got, nor believed in, the ‘Duck Identity’.


I think you're on to something here. It goes back to the offense, and now how Mario was saying, "Yeah, got it with the offense, yeah, yeah". 


But of course he didn't have it at all. He didn't really have anything, and now he has to start over again.

This time in a place with a history of winning championships, and the belief, somehow, that he will get The U back to the top. 

I like where Oregon is now. Not sure about Miami.

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On 12/26/2021 at 3:39 PM, Mike West said:


Are you sure our brand came from airing it out?  I seen to recall tOSU shutting down The Helfrich passing game, and Chip refused to pass it when required in Tucson.  


I believe our brand originated from explosive plays.  Saban recognized it, and now used it as his weapon of mass destruction.  Lanning called it out as a requirement.


As far as UGA's defense.  Neither UGA nor Bama can stop explosive offenses.  Or anybody for that matter.  Even LSU didn't completely shut down Clemson, they just took away their explosive nature.  


You need all three units to win.  Definitely a defense that averages less than 17 ppg all year( can't stop everybody every time), backed by an offense that explodes enough to win a battle of attrition when teams they play are equally lethal.  


We're in uncharted territory.  And unless the coaches you're concerned about have current allegations, do you believe they deserve scrutiny based on their merit overall?  Especially the past two to three years?


Well see soon enough what Lanning produces.  I base my evaluations on the present.  Hence, I'm waiting to see what MC does in Miami (I believe he will ultimately fail, but the ACC surly isn't the SEC, so he isn't in immediate danger).  I also am curious about Lanning's ultimate strategy.  We won't get any ideas until at least the Spring.


Though I understand the dread ( so many unknown factors), I'm curious why most of us seem to drift negative at any sign of trouble.  


Hopium springs eternal...until further notice.



I'm not sure about why, but I do know the 'old' brand was FUN!

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On 12/26/2021 at 1:15 PM, Haywarduck said:

More like a longterm case of the squirts

I stand colorected.

Either way, far too often Oregon had brown stains on their backsides at the end of too many games. 

No wonder we haven’t see Stormpooper whites! 💩🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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On 12/26/2021 at 1:16 PM, Charles Fischer said:


And THIS opinion above is what our rules are for; on other sites you would get insulted and bullied into silence.  Here, I want to see this--even if painful and not in agreement with the majority of my own view.  You bring up some excellent points that make watching for them in the future all that more interesting.  You should copy-and-paste your post and save it for future reference for all of us.


I want to protect the minority opinion because....my opinion in the early days of Cristobal was quite the minority opinion that grew into the majority.  


OregonRich...I am glad you feel that you can post your thoughts in safety, and I hope it is an example to everyone.  The Duck water in this pond is just fine, so dive in!

Thanks, Charles. That's one of the many things that make this such a great site - even a highly unpopular opinion like mine can be aired and no-one attacks me personally for it. That's pretty darn amazing if you stop and think about it. 


Thanks for all you do in keeping it this way. 

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