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FishDuck Article

Four Keys to Oregon Football Beating Georgia

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When having fun it means your playing loose and not thinking, just reacting. When you're not it's deflating and you're going to be a step slow.

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     Football hurts too much not to get some enjoyment out of it. There’s always going to be those on every team with agendas, whether it’s as a platform to the pros or more NILS $ or whatever. Those people kill the joy and always will. It’s left to the rest of us as players and fans to remember: let’s have some fun!


     What’s really funny is you can’t take that too seriously.

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Just a note to the Georgia fans that have visited us here. It is great to have you! Love your input and hope you stick around beyond Sep. 3. You are representing UGA well.

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Here would be my keys from a Dawg perspective:


Oregon O vs UGA D


1) Work to exploit UGA's youth at ILB.  With the departure of two SR backers and one JR from UGA's ILB group, the guys that will be out there in game one have very few snaps under their belt.  Oregon needs to throw everything at them.  RPO's, play-action, anything that could confuse the young guys and get them flowing to the wrong spot.  


2) Test the new guys on the DL.  Last year UGA was able to rotate 4 1st round draft picks into the 3 DL spots (3 were drafted in '22 and one will be a first rounder in '23).  Jalen Carter is the only sure fire #1 up front now, so find out where he is and run at some of the other guys.  See if they can consistently keep their shoulders square to the LOS and play their gaps.  I expect there will be a pretty big drop-off in how well the Dawgs control the LOS.


3) Work the safety opposite of Chris Smith.  Smith is a good player, but depending upon who lines up next to him, it could be an opportunity to attack.  If it's former walk-on Dan Jackson, then you'll want to try and force him up in run support as much as possible.  He's a big downgrade from Lewis Cine in that respect.  If it's David Daniel then force him to make decisions in coverage.  He's heck on wheels in run support, but needs more experience in coverage. 


Oregon D vs UGA O


1)   Attack the OGs in the pass rush.  UGA is really solid at C and both OTs, but will have some different guys at guard.  It isn't set in stone yet who those guys will be, but those will be the guys you have to test with stunts, twists, and blitzes.  


2)  Don't let the Dawgs get the run game going.  This is easier said than done, but it's truly the key to slowing the UGA offense down.  If the Dawgs are averaging 5 to 6 yards a pop on the ground it just opens everything else up in the offense.  


3)  If the Ducks are successful in #2 then it will lead to being able to force the Dawgs into third and long situations.  Of course no offense is great at third and long, but Stetson Bennett's numbers really tanked when forced into these situations.  More so than other QBs on comparable teams.  

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JunkyardDawg....that was superb, and I wish to encourage you to post often.  Welcome!

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Mr. FishDuck

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